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With a contemporary, discreet aesthetic and commercial efficacy, halo is the most versatile glueboard flykiller available for use across a range of commercial applications. Halo is available as a slimline 30, 45 or 60W model which can be wall, desk or horizontal ceiling mounted, or a 2x30W double sided ceiling suspended unit. All Halo products feature a light reflecting swing down front guard, simple glueboard replacement and common high efficacy 15W UV tubes for reduced inventory requirements. For increased efficacy halo incorporates UV reflecting aluminium components such as the removable debris tray. The patented* variable side light output gates either allow 180° light output for increased efficacy or when closed, ensure UV light does not discolour decorative mounting surfaces. *Patent pending


Patented* variable side light output
For maximum light out or mounting surface protection from the UV tubes

Commercial efficacy with a contemporary, discreet aesthetic
Flexible features for a wide range of applications

Quick, tool free access with a swing down front guard
Simple access to consumables for easy maintenance

High efficacy UV tubes, common across the Halo range
Proven to be more effective and longer lasting than standard UV tubes

Innovative glueboard technology
Designed for use with GLUPAC™ pheromone impregnated glueboards

Complete peace of mind
Three year guarantee (Excluding tubes)



Part No Model Dimensions (mm) Coverage (m2) Tubes (w) Weight (kg)
ZF100 Halo 30 620x350x85 80 2x15 4.5
ZF101 Halo 45 620x350x85 120 3x15 4.5
ZF102 Halo 60 620x550x85 160 4x15 6.0
ZF103 Halo 2x30 620x350x170 160 4x15 9.0

Halo 30 - Unit Cost: €185

Halo 45 - Unit Cost: €210

Halo 60 - Unit Cost: €240

Halo 2x30 - Unit Cost: €270

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